Where to start…

As my birthday approaches, I will be 45 on November 21st, and I think about what to share about the last year of my life, I get stuck trying to figure out where to start.

Do I start with 7th grade, when I first started to notice how I did or did not fit in?  Do I start with meeting my ex wife, who has taught me so much I can never repay her? Do I start with the day that started all this?

Looking back, I have had some amazing watershed moments in my life. Great shifts in attitude and behavior, most of which we set in motion by some sort of painful or traumatic event. Some by small comments or observations by the right person at the right time. As I have gotten older, I have tried to pay more attention to these things. Every moment, every interaction with someone else is an opportunity to learn and grow. I will not miss these chances any more, I have changed and evolved so much since early last November, I have a hard time understanding it and putting it into words.

I will try to keep things in order and only side track when relevant. I will try to contrast my past thinking and current thinking. I will be as open as candid as I can. One of the many many things this journey has taught me is that as I am more honest and open with others, they easily reciprocate. This sharing of ideas and perspectives has been tremendous.

Please ask questions, either here or privately. I will answer accordingly.


P.S. I will not be changing names to protect the innocent, many of you know the people involved. What I will do is omit names when not needed, and show those involved the utmost respect and compassion.

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  1. I’m excited to read your blog. I’ve been thrilled to watch from the sidelines as you re-learned to love life over the past year.

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